Monday Jan 3-Thursday Jan 6, 1916

Madison St. House

A picture taken several years ago of Larry and Ellen in front of the house where E.H.Graves lived in 1916, located at 1913 Madison Street.

E.H. Graves’ 1916 Diary

Mon. Jan 3, 1916

Clear, 13 above. A cold still morning. V [Villa or Arvilla] did a small wash. We got few letters. Got Bill Hooks notes back again and heard from James Slauson he reached home all right – got 50.00  Mrs. Ashard on her note. Went to Temple and got beat 3 games. Helen Jones got here this noon. We invited Ed Richards & Chas. Hook up for Wednesday. Wheat took another drop today.

Tuesday 4  Wh [wheat] 1.25

Cloudy, 34 above. I did not sleep very well last night had a pain in my lungs, loafed around all forenoon. Walked to town this pm via West Mad [Madison] & enjoyed the walk. Went to temple and played two games with Ed Polk & beat him on 5 or no count, rec’d letters from Frank Clara with co for Amelia [Brown, sister of Villa]. Wrote to Ernest Slauson & Carl Nelson abt trading Colorado farm towards his Stoughton house.

Wed. Jan. 5, 1916

Cloudy, 25 above. A cold day kept getting colder & colder all day. We expected Ed Richards & Chas Hooks & wives here today but they did not show up, both got sickness in family. Wheat is going up again & hope it goes to 1.25 in Beach. Put an add in the Journal & had 5 calls this eve about the flat. We called on Mr. & Mrs. Teal out on Leonard St, new people.

Thursday 6

Wh 1.27 5/8

Clear, 4 Below. The coldest am of the winter. I went to Makey’s office & pd Jaslin 2200.00 & int on the Emerald St. property – guess we not be able to pay the 2000.00 till its due to W W Warren. V & I went to depot & saw Mr & Mrs Irish on train bound for Texas & visited them till the train went. Got very lame knee, cannot walk very well. Bot & pd for auto license, they to mail it to me.


One thought on “Monday Jan 3-Thursday Jan 6, 1916”

  1. I enjoy having this to read, I thought Madison would be colder in January. He says -4 is the coldest morning, while we’ve had -18 and a fellow 1/2 mile away said he hit -22! The trees help hold what little heat we have 🙂
    Love, LP

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