January 15-18, 1916

Sat. Jan. 15, 1916

Cloudy & cold. 7 above. Good deal warmer today. Mr. Jones went with Helen to some classes and went home  at 3:45. Had a call for the house or flat today that hoped would materialize in renting – but did not hear. Went to the Temple and played Lim Clark & held him pretty well. No letters today. Went about the town. Thank the Lord for a dear Wife & Daughters & pray we with all our loved ones reach Heaven.

Sunday 16

Cloudy & cold, 8 below. Cold all day. We 3 went to church & heard good sermon by Dr. Chase. He lectures on “Helen Keller” tonight. We mite not go as its too cold. Helen is going to sing in the choir. Wrote to the girls and had a sleep on lounge. Laura Harker came home with Helen and called for some time.

Wheat 1.11 last Thursday

Monday, Jan 17 1916

Clear, 6 Below. We washed today. I rented Flat on Emerald St. Sat night and this morning the fellow backed out. Had to go over to 1125 Emerald this morning and then then out again. Went to town called on Mr Riley to see about a dun [?] he sent me. Got phone this eve from Than [Nathanial Slauson, brother of Villa] saying Jennie was very very sick & they think no help for her. Villa going to help them first train in a.m.

Tuesday 18

Clear, Cold, Zero. A cold day, but our house was warm this am. Villa went to Evansville to help a/c Jennie being sick. V reports she seems better but takes no nourishment. Went to town this p.m. No news only letter from Mrs. Chas Little, wrote to Eve, sent ck to pay taxes on Arribu farms. Think Bessie has not had his deed recorded as yet – went to B B game, N W & W, 22 to 18 for W.

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