January 19-22, 1916

Wage rates_0002

The above is an helpful table printed in the diary. Weekly wages from $1.50 to $18.00 a week must have been customary.

Wheat 1.13 Monday.

Wed. Jan. 19, 1916

Cloudy & cold, 4 above. Chilly day, wind in South. I decided to have the house or flat at 1127 Emerald St should be fixed up & took Mr. Bruce over & let them the job to have the flat all fixed up & they will do it soon – 30.00. Villa got home from Evansville this noon & Jennie was very little better – No news from any but letter from Edna. Which I sent to V & she missed it. Changed my license No to 22900.

Thursday 20

Cloudy & Mild, 30 above. Quite a change in weather today, thawed considerably and is almost too warm as it will hurt the sleighing. Than writes Jennie is little better if anything – Dr. thought if she could live couple days he would think she might get up again. Mr. Halt went over to see what work I wanted done on houses at Emerald St., going have closet built in one bedroom. Helen went with Mr. Stone to Orpheum.

Wh 1.16 Wednesday.

Fri. Jan 21, 1916

Raining, 35 above. Rained & thawed all day & was misty and foggy and very good grippe weather – I did not feel so very foxy all day. Went down to Temple put new add in paper and had some calls. Read letter from L.A. [Lloyd Alson Pottenger, husband of daughter Lola] but his inventory is somewhat padded to make a showing of a profit. Smiley & wife were up to spend evng. Wheat was up again today, card saying wh was 1.16 Wednesday.

Saturday 22

Clear & very pleasant & warm. I have felt pretty bum all day. Have not eaten but little. Went to see Dr. Evans & he gave me something for system & piles also. Masons have supper tonite but I did not go. Have some symptoms of Grip. Wheat mkt. seems to be OK. Hope Keohane will be able to sell next week, but presume it will not reach 1.20 that soon.

Jan 19-22


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