January 23-26, 1916

Wh  1.17 last Fri

Sun. Jan. 23, 1916

Clear, fine, 30 above. Very nice day. I guess I feel little better than last night. Started letters to Lola & Edna and then we & Helen went to church & after chicken dinner we went down to Cong. Church to 4K sing. It was so close in there & I did not feel well so I got up & left was so faint. We took supper with Adams – Went to hear Dr. Chase talk on Jacob Reis the great Danish American.

Monday 24

Clear, Mild, 30 above. A nice day, it clouded over towards night and looks like storm brewing. I felt good deal like a fool all day, did not go to town, got a boil on back side & center of anatomy & it’s just awful sore. Got PC from Beach (Beach, ND, near his Montana land) saying wh(eat) worth 1.17 last Friday. No news to speak of got letter from Quincy [Quincy Ames, husband of daughter Edna] containing copy of letter he wrote to Dr. Montgomery.

Tues. Jan. 25, 1916

Cloudy & mild, 40 above, looked like rain. A mild day. I feel better today, have some cold & cough good deal night. Went to town this forenoon & finished up the loan 275.00 on little house in Oregon (Oregon, Wisconsin). Remained at home all afternoon. We got nice letter from Edna. Mrs Adams says Lola wrote her. Wish Lloyd could get into biz with Adams, think he might like it. Wheat boomed up again today.

Wednesday 26

Cloudy & mild, Rainy. I was home all day again, might have gone down town but N.T.(Slauson) & Mr. Skarney of On [?] came to see about doing some work for us & we are going to have 3 rooms down stairs Halls & our bedroom & Bath room & probably the kitchen before they get away. Will cost us about 100.00. Wheat stronger today. Letter from Mrs. Smith regarding the cemetery lot.

Jan 23-26

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