February 4-7, 1916

Fri. Feb. 4, 1916

Cloudy Cold & snowed. Still shut in house, cold & head don’t seem to gain much, thought I felt better today, but cough is bothersome yet. I wrote to Luther today at St. Petersburg, Fla.

Helen felt pretty blue today when she found she had a poor in Harmony. No letter from Lola this week. She certainly is getting out of letter writing.

Saturday 5

Clear & cool, Very nice day & I am still shut in. Hope can go out Monday, head & cough seems better, appetite OK. We got nice letter from Lola. She & Lloyd have joined M & C at K3[Kankakee] – May God bless them abundantly. Mrs. Gordon died this a.m., only sick a few days with pneumonia. V’s Aunt Clara & Mrs B all went to Orpheum this p.m. Helen is going stay with Irene Polk tonite.

[wheat] 1.18 Feby 4-

Sun. Feb 6, 1916

Clear some – snowed some. V & Mrs. Biggert went to Chch, Clara stayed with Amelia. Helen to study & I to cough, hope to wear it out this week. Clara went home 3:45.  Mrs B went to depot with her. Mr & Mrs Emerson called on us little while this p.m. Mrs. Gordon buried today, was to church last Sunday. Wrote to both girls.

Monday 7

Cloudy & cold, 10 Below. A cold day, Skarney & Fritz Wolfe came from Evansville to do our papering & painting, got parlor done and kitchen all primed for second coat. Had Mr. Holt fix little corner in kitchen. No news to speak of. Auntie Brown got several cards & letters, she is 82 today & Lester Graves Pottenger is 1 yr. May God bless & keep them both.

Attend Tomado Montreal CA House. [?]


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