February 16-19, 1916

Wed. Feb. 16, 1916

Water was froze up over at Emerald St. 1127, froze in celler under the ground. Mr. Rayston was to send a man over but didn’t. Went to Temple & to Orpheum, poor show for me. Villa & I called on the Davises this eve & Helen & us went to bed through window a/c hall being varnished. Mr. Keohane thinks better hold wheat some longer.

Thursday 17

Clear, Fine. Mr Skaring finished up house and he told Villa he did not make a dollar on the job. I told McKay would take loan of 1600.00 on house over near my Emerald St. property 3 yr 6%. Mr. & Mrs. Smiley came to see us this evening – got our house in nice shape inside & out for this summer. Mr. Adams is better tonight.

Fri. Feb. 18, 1916

Cloudy & mild a nice day, was home all fore noon, called on Mr. Vogt this p.m. No money yet, guess will get it this week maybe. He is hard up for ready money. Anna Boyce died last night or this a.m., leaves Fred last survivor of Boyce family. Wrote to Hannah & Clara this p.m.

Saturday 19

Clear & mild. Paid 60.00 Int. on Emerald St. Prop to Am Ger Bank to W. W Warmer a/c. Wrote to Chas & Rose Patchin & sent them 1.00 a/c of their little son. Harold Palmer got letter from Lola & they are all well but Lester has cold – We tried to go to Basket Ball game but could not get in. We went to Smileys & played some R Set. Mrs. S. & I won.

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