February 12-15, 1916

Sat, Feb. 12, 1916

Clear & mild, painters got through & went home right after dinner. I paid them 83.00 besides board & 1.45 freight chgs. Mr Skarning is coming back next week to do some more. I sent Eve Graves 20.00 and wrote to her abt the monument. Our paper keeps cracking. Hope it will let up soon. We got Amelia down stairs & we will go up ladder to sleep & have Helen climb too or go elsewhere.

Sunday 13

Clear & Cool & Pleasant. Villa & Helen went to church. I did not but I feel pretty well, but I hope to keep from catching any more cold. Helen has had great time with beaux today, kept telephone pretty hot. Wrote to both girls. We got a phone from Mable Alsop that Mrs. F.R. Melvin is to be buried tomorrow 10:30 at Brooklyn [Wisconsin]. Villa will go down.

Mon. Feb. 14, 1916

Clear & pleasant. Villa & I went to Brooklyn to attend the funeral of Mrs. F. R. Melvin who was brought to Alsops Sunday p.m. We went to Jap Ellis to dinner and had a good one & good visit, also called on Pillens. Met Austin Melvin at depot too, called on Mr. Foye & he paid 15.00 & said he wished I would give Hatfield a good Jacking up, so we meet tomorrow 5:30 to 6K at Hatfields.

Tuesday 15

Clear & very fine day. Warming & thawed quite a bit. I deposited some cks & did quite a few errands. We also did our washing. I was at the Temple this p.m. & played Ben Oakey, came out even. Went over to Emerald St. property & could not get the two men together so will let them fite their own battles.

Feb 12-15

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