February 20-23, 1916

Sun. Feb. 20, 1916

Sun was shinning fine when we got up but clouded over & was so till night. V & I went to Anna Boyce’s funeral and I was bearer. After we went to Smileys to dinner & had a good one. Finished my letter to our girls. V & I went to church this evening and heard Dr. Chase speak on “Billy Sunday,” it was very good. We also went into Pres. Church & heard their sing a little.

Monday 21

Cloudy & mild. A nice day. We did not wash and I varnished the couch. Went down to Bank & fixed up my papers at Bank. Wheat mkt. very punk. I wired to Keohane to talk it over with Elevator men & unless he could see justification for holding better sell at once.

Tues. Feb. 22, 1916

Cloudy & mild, Plummers went over to Emerald St. & found grease trap froze up. I took lot salt over & left it in trap & sink. No news to speak of only letters from Keohane regard McNeese quarter sec land. Went to Temple, got walloped. Mr. Vogt says call tomorrow. Mr. McKay says he will have 1600.00 loan ready in day or two.

Wednesday 23

Clear & mild. V & I went over to Flats & I worked on the frozen grease trap and got it in working order this p.m. Went to Temple for an hour. Went to see Vogt & he said he would get the money to me by Saturday. Went to see Adams, stayed to supper, had oysters. He ate as much as I. Keohane wired abt selling wheat & told him to sell.

Feb 20-23_0001

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