February 24-March 2, 1916

Thur. Feb. 24, 1916

Cloudy & Mild. We washed and McKay called and wanted I should come down this fore noon to see about loan of 1600.00 to Fredericks the fighting Parson, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Wedge but abst. had not been looked over so I will wait. Wheat took a big drop today of 6 cts, hope Keohane sold yesterday. No letters from either girl this week as yet, guess we better wait till last of wk to write.

Friday 25

Cloudy & mild. Nothing doing, had letter from Edna. The Hatfields said they would vacate the 15th. Redders want to move into lower story. I told Mr. Richmond to delay the abstract till Monday, hoping I would get returns from Keohane. V & I went to Wis-Purdue Basket Ball game, 35 to 22 favor Wis.

Sat. Feb. 26, 1916

Cloudy & Raw. I had to pay 10.35 water tax &c on 1125 Emerald St. property, a/c foolishness some on my part & back payments of Geo Hines. Went to Temple. Geo & Gard Ingraham were out. I got 400.00 more money on joint rate a/c Amelia. I paid my taxes today for city of 265.00. Heard from Keohane he will receipt.

Sunday 27

Clear & cool. Helen Olson is with Helen Jones last nite. We went to church & to Adams to dinner and had a good one too, fried Halibut. We stayed till 4:30. Than & Stanley came at noon & stay all nite. Stan been to Chgo wi two cars hogs. He does not seem very well. Than has hard cold. We heard Dr. Hevaland at chch. Very good. Did not write to girls.

Mon. Feb 28, 1916

Cloudy & cool. We washed some no we didn’t. Than & Stanley were here all 3 of us went down town but I did not feel so very good so came home thought would get recuiltane[?] from Keohane but nothing doing. did not go down town. Than & Stanley both went home, started letters to the girls. V & I went to Wis-Iowa.

Tuesday 29

Clear & Cool, 10 above this a.m. but thawed some during day. I finished letters to the girls today, but Villa not written as yet. No returns from wheat, don’t see why Keohane down not recuit. We went to Bishops to a surprise in their new house. Had a nice time.

Wed. March 1, 1916

Cloudy & Snowy all day. March came in like lion. We moved here 10 years ago. I rec’d ck from Keohane for the wheat 3017.30. Pd 1000.00 on the 1600.00 note at bank & took up a mortgage on house over near our flats. Villa went to the Wimadausis [Methodist Womans Club]. I went to Temple late, made two trips over to the flats to rent, lots of calls but no sure nuff renters.

Thursday 2

Cloudy, snowed & clear, changeable day. Oldenberg was here this a.m to see abt the painting Ransom house. We went over to the flats to see about painting them. Had nice letter from Edna. JQ seems to be seems to be getting there. V & I both went down town. Cold this eveng. We play dominoes every evening, rec’d letters from Denver regarding CSG monument. gave Vogt week to pay his 195.00.


Feb 24-27

Feb 28-Mar2









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